Meet Sean Willard

The Life Attack Guy

John Maxwell founders circle Speaker, Coach & Trainer!

Hey friends,

If this is the very first time we are ‘meeting’, I’d like to take this moment to say a massive ‘Thank You’ for stopping by on my website and if you give me the opportunity, I’d love to add real value to you on your Personal Growth journey.

12 years ago I was stuck in a rut feeling ‘40, fat and frustrated’, lacking Purpose and desperately trying to get ‘unstuck’!

The quote that ‘found me’ one day, was the one by Mark Twain that said ‘…the most important two days in a person’s life, are the day they are born and the day they discover why’.

My search began… and it led me along a very interesting and extensive journey. I sold my Pharmacy and set out seeking mentors and coaches across the globe to help me harness the wind and sail my Lifeboat, called Purpose. Along this journey in personal development and leadership, I was blessed to be mentored by top people like John C Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Les Brown and Sandy Griffin — and so, if I can see further, it’s because I’m standing on the shoulders of giants.

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From the wonderful Winelands of South Africa,

Have a life Attack!