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5 Tips for Starting your own Home Business

OK, so you’ve finally had it with the Status Quo and you’ve decided it’s time for Change and starting a part time Home Business, but now what?
You do some Googling and realise that there are as many questions as there are answers and quite frankly, you’re not even sure you are asking the right questions anyway!

Exhausted and confused, you are beginning to think maybe this whole idea of starting a part-time home business and even being a stay at home mom/dad is probably overrated anyway, when you happen to click on this article. So here’s hoping I can revive the Dream and bring some clarity to your decision-making process.

Before we begin, let me introduce myself – My name is Sean Willard and although I am a Pharmacist by occupation, I am an entrepreneur by heart, a Speaker, Coach, Author and Network Marketer by Passion.
I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart for nearly 25 years and we reside with our two kiddo’s in the scenic village of Franschhoek, South Africa.

I’m going to make a quick suggestion, just because I’ve been around the Internet Marketing space for enough years to know that when people are searching they tend to “jump around” a lot and not focus.
The Coach in me appeals to you right now and asks you to:

1. Take a Pen and write down my name, Sean Willard, my Skype address ( seanwillard ) and my website(
2. Give me your undivided attention for 5 minutes.

Right, now we are ready to explore and as they say, let’s start at the very beginning , the very best place to start!

I am going to assume a few things:
1. You are hungry and have a massive Dream and Determination to take action.
2. You have at least $100 to invest in starting your home business [ If you’re looking for one of those “no money down, don’t speak to people ] programs, let me save you some time – don’t!
3. You will do whatever it takes to commit 7-10 hours a week minimum toward building this business.
4. You’re ambitious, but Teachable. There’s no place for Lone Rangers and quite honestly, those that seek mentors, ask the right questions and then go out and execute the instructions, find far greater success.
5. You’re a person of Integrity. Non – Negotiable!

Cool, you’ve ticked those boxes so let’s look at a few questions that I asked and criteria I wanted in my home business:

* Cost effective entry so that most people can afford to join and use the products monthly

* Global Business Opportunity. I want to be able to build my business from the comfort of my home in dozens of countries.

* The products must be proprietary and protected through Patents so that my business is protected and had longevity

* I wanted something I could leave for my children to inherit

* Travel is in my veins so if there was all expenses paid incentive trips annually, BONUS!

* Michele and I wanted something through which we could live our Purpose and leave a Legacy – this may be important to you too.

* I wanted a Company of Integrity and a leadership and personal development program ( as a certified John Maxwell Coach, personal growth and integrity was essential).

* We wanted a home business that allowed us to develop long term Residual income while earning “now” income through our efforts.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for but here’s my final TIPS:

Tip #1 : What do you LOVE? Pick an opportunity that is in alignment with your Passion. For us, it is Wellness and Legacy. Whatever it is, it should make your heart race, your palms sweat and voice tremble with excitement.

Tip #2: WHO you join is probably as important as WHAT you join. Your Team Leaders and mentors ( Upline) is your Lifeline – choose wisely.

Tip #3: If there isn’t a 90-180 day Money back Guarantee, Run.

Tip #4: Find a company that has a Global Expansion plan.

Tip #5: Find products that work and that you would purchase and use regardless of the money making opportunity.

Right Sean, so what was your and Michele’s choice?

Mannatech, based out of Dallas, Texas. It is a Publically listed company with Real Food Nutritional products that we have used for 8 years and would never stop.
They are open in 25 countries currently and opening a total of a 100 over the next 5 years.
They have spent over 50 million dollars on R&D and as such, are a Science based company which was important for me as a Pharmacist.
Their cost effective low barrier to entry business packs make it affordable for most people to start their Home Business part or full time with unlimited income potential.
Their Mission is to eradicate malnutrition and they support Mission 5 Million in a unique donation though consumption program – use their products and you automatically support children in need!

Now what?

Now you contact us and set up a Skype call with Michele and I so we can answer your questions.
You carry on Googling and find the perfect fit for you.

Your Choice.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Sean & Michele
Skype: seanwillard

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