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Building a part time business -It’s tough so stop saying it isn’t!

We love working full time on our jobs while working part time on our fortune.

It’s simple but not easy and I cannot stand it when people make it sound like “join now and make thousands of $$$ in your first month from the comfort of your hammock while sipping your Cocktail”!!

Stop that!!

All I know is that if people can work 40 years for a salary they can work 4years for their Dream.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a Big enough Why so they’d rather make excuses than make it happen.

Will it take massive effort? You’d better believe it!

Don’t expect all your mates to understand or even jump on board either. You pursuing your Dream will make a lot of people uncomfortable and that’s Ok!

Do it anyway!

The next 4 years will come and go anyway, God willing.

If you are keen to build a part time income, travel overseas and have tons of fun – contact me!

Wait, there’s more :):)

There will be lots of frustration and tears, lots of stepping outside your comfort zone and therefore…. Change!!
Still keen?? Then you’re ready to connect with us.
We have friends across the globe and we love seeing the ripple become a Tsunami of blessing!

Sean & Michele Willard

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