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Cheap Junk or Real Food Nutrition – it’s your Choice!

So I read an article the other day about “supplements” that were found to be dicey to say the least and it got me thinking…

There are a few choices every one of us have:

1. You can grow your own Fruit & Veggies hydroponically and eat vine ripened produce regularly. Not impossible, just improbable. I’m all for good quality food but at best, I’m getting one portion of fruit & veggies in daily and they are probably not the best quality available!

2. You can decide that Ignorance is bliss and pretend that supplementation is unnecessary because you “feel fine”.

I sometimes feel this way about my car. Why service the piece of metal – rather just wait until the lights all come on or it won’t start and then quickly call in the experts to service it!

I’m prepared to risk this modus operandi on my vehicle but NOT my life!

3. You can join a group of us who use Real Food Technology solutions.

Yes, eat well! Yes, rest well and of course, exercise…..but it is imperative to compliment all of this with Supplements that fill the gaps.

Where to start?

If you’re going to invest ( and yes, unlike spending money on depreciating assets, your Wellness is one of the most important lines in your LIFE financial statement) – then choose the very best!

Some points to ponder – make sure they are:

* Backed by Real Science ( ) – When a company spends over 50 million dollars on Research & Development and takes the time to secure over a 100 Patents, they have my vote!

* Guaranteed  ( what’s the Risk when you can test drive them for 180 days in the USA and 90 days here in South Africa?)

* Pure. 3rd Party Purification studies ensure that what is on the label is actually IN the bottle – kind of important, yes? 🙂

I could wax lyrical ( or not) but suffice it to say, we have used and experienced the difference of these essential nutrients for over 8 years and they work!

People ask me all the time what they cost. I say, you can buy them Retail, wholesale or get them for “free” – which do you prefer?

Because we love them, we share the story and are duly compensated for that. I love the fact that for the last 8 years we’ve covered all the costs of our families Nutritional Wellness, traveled the Globe and built a passive, residual income.

If you’d like to know more about how you can purchase and try our Science based Real Food Nutritional range ( Nutrition, Fat Loss, Health and Beauty ) – our details follow:

Sean & Michele

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