DISC Assessments


Kick-start your journey the right way! Choose the DISC assessment suitable for YOU - either a fully personalised DISC assessment on it's own, or the '3D' assessment including TEAM and VALUE assessments.

Receive a comprehensive Report that outlines your Personality Behavioral characteristics and styles.

Both packages include a FREE copy of my e-Book Have a Life Attack!

P.S. As a Pharmacist, Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Networker, I can share that there is NO greater skill that you can develop is the ability to work with people and it starts by identifying YOUR personality type, and then understanding how you can influence others authentically!

I meet people everyday who haven't got a cooking clue why they are not 'getting through' to people, why everyone misunderstands them, why they offend people or why people walk all over them!

It's time to discover who you are and become YOU-IER!

After payment is made, I'll forward you the DISC assessment you have chosen for you ( or you Team) to take!

[ Please allow 24-48 hours for this to be generated for you ]

I'll also send you the link to my eBook, Have a Life Attack to your email address - so PLEASE ensure you email me on : sean@smswillard.com

CoachingDISC Pack #1

Kick-start your passions with your personalised DISC assessment, plus a copy of my e-Book Have a Life Attack!
This Assessment is $37 including the eBook.

DISC Pack #2

Great for Teams and Businesses! Get to know each member of your team and see what they Value!

This assessment not only covers your Personality type like in DISC #1 but also includes a TEAMS Profile which looks at the way people think and function best in a group or team environment as well as the Values Profile which looks at the underlying and hidden motivators that affect behaviour.
This assessment is $57 including the eBook.