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Fat Loss and Healthy Choices – what’s the real deal?

It seems, when it comes to Tim Noakes and his thoughts around the Banting concept, there is no middle ground in the media.
People appear to either Love him and his perspectives or otherwise scoff at the ideas and viciously attack him.

Well, I’m taking the middle ground, not because I’m trying to be a people pleaser or compromise on my beliefs, but purely because the moment we take an absolute approach to something of this nature we are suggesting that we are the experts with every bit of Scientific proof at our finger tips – and I’m not!

I’ve been fortunate to work alongside people from very diverse and sometimes polar opposite schools of thought over the last nearly 30 years.

As a Pharmacist, I started my journey in the 80’s working alongside a top Homeopath and Nutrition advisor.
In the 90’s I employed a Wellness advisor in our Pharmacy we co-owned in Kenton-On-Sea and then in 2003 I employed a dear old soul who had more qualifications than I had years of experience behind the counter!

Dr Andy was a Naturopath, Homeopath, Nutricologist, Phytotherapist etc. etc. etc. 🙂

These ladies challenged my conventional thinking and I loved every moment of it!

It was Dr Andy that also gave me the heads up about a “new class of nutrients”, glyconutrients, that had emerged out of the USA.
She challenged me to keep an open mind because she felt that this was a key to Wellness in the future, and boy was she right!

Her plea resulted in me embracing this breakthrough Technology in 2007, using the Glyconutritionals and recommending them to others.
Our family continues to use them daily 8 years on and absolutely love them!

Why am I sharing this with you?

My belief is that Healthy Eating and Nutritional Supplementation go hand in hand and especially if you’re focused on FAT loss in 2016.
Unless you are growing and eating massive amounts of vine ripened, hydroponically grown, fresh fruit and veggies, you are unlikely to be getting the Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals you require daily.

2016 is YOUR year to Look Good, Feel Good and Live Optimally!

Choose a Real Food Nutritional Range backed by science ( yes, actual scientific trials related to the products you are taking) , that have 3rd party purification studies ( otherwise, how are you honestly ever going to know what is actually inside the bottle?) and ensure you supplement what your body actually needs for Optimal Health – that means, adding Glyconutrients is essential.
There is only ONE company on the Globe that has over 50 patents on a combination of 10 Glyconutrients you require and a total of 115 patents on it’s entire Wellness range.

O yes, if you are all about Wellness and looking good, throw away the scale, take out the Tape Measure and use a product with patented FAT loss technology, Osolean!

Until later, here’s to a Healthy, Wealthy and Purpose-FULL 2016!

Enjoy the article below – certainly an interesting perspective on the low Carb perspective!

Sean Willard

Pharmacist & Entrepreneur

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