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The Franschhoek Wine Tram Double Decker – a whole new Perspective!


If you’re into the ‘fruit of the vine’ and are looking for a really exceptional day out in the Winelands, book your tickets now on the new Franschhoek Wine Tram Purple tour (Double Decker).

This weekend we joined a few friends and family and hit the Vineyards because, even though we are blessed to stay here, we hadn’t ventured out on this new Double Decker tram as yet and I am so pleased we did!

The views from the top deck on what turned out to be a peach of a day,  were incredible!

Pick 6 of the 8 Vineyards on route and hop off and on every hour after each delightlful wine Tasting!

Just saying… if you’re into fudge, there’s a Wine and Fudge pairing at Plesir de Merle that’s off the charts!

We decided to ‘kuier’ ( ‘hang out’ for my mates North of the pond) a little longer at Babylonstoren for an awesome lunch so we ended up doing 5 Farms which, as Goldilocks said, was JUSSSSST RIGHT!

This is one service-orientated business where the customers are guarenteed to get happier and happier as the day goes on – I wonder why?!! 🙂

Carlo was all smiles and Edwina was a champion hostess for the day. That little blue Peak Golf cap went AWOL along the journey because how the flip are you supposed to drink wine AND remember to carry your cap with you?!

No problem at all, a quick MAYDAY MAYDAY radio call by Edwina and when I stepped back onto the tram after a tasting, it was ready to join me back on the Tour! 🙂

Thank you Brett, Edwina and Team for a super special day and for all those wanting a really exceptional experience in and about Franschhoek and the Winelands,  be sure to book early because the season is upon us! or 021- 300 0338

P.S. Before you hit the road on your tour and definately on your return, enjoy a Cuppachino @SacredGroundBistro right where the ticket office is situated. After a fair dose of whites and reds,  we were all ready for a Coffee Infusion!

Until later,

Over and out!

Sean Willard

Speaker, Coach, Author



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