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I want to start a Part time business in 2016!

No matter where you are in the world right now, having an additional income stream is certainly something that we all would gladly receive and enjoy so could a Part Time business be on the cards this year?

But how do we get started and which of the gazillion offers out there do we choose from?

Let’s have a quick peak at my thoughts while you consider building additional income streams and in particular, why we chose the avenue that we did.

Firstly, if we’ve never connected, my name is Sean and although I’ve been a Pharmacist for over 25 years, I’m an entrepreneur at heart.

I’ve started , partnered and owned a few businesses, but I sold my Pharmacy in 2008 to live my purpose.

This resulted in me mentoring with some pretty awesome people like Les Brown, Paul Martinelli and later, John Maxwell and I’m extremely blessed to be a certified as part of John’s founder’s circle.

Along this journey, I also wrote my first book, “Have a Life Attack“, which really helped me get my head around living my purpose.

Ok, enough of the intro’s, very pleased to meet YOU! 🙂

Right, so it’s back in 2006/2007 and I’m a business owner, except it was more a case of the business owning me! I joke that my children used to ask my wife, Michele, who that super guy was that came for supper the previous night, because I spent so much time either at the Pharmacy or sleeping because I was totally exhausted from the long hours and call outs.

Perhaps you can identify…. time and health are way more important to me these days but make no mistake, money ranks up there with O2 – it’s kind of necessary! 🙂

I knew things had to change and started contemplating new options  ( perhaps a Part Time business ? ) and avenues that ticked the right boxes.

* It had to have little to no Staff

* It had to have little to no Stock

* I didn’t mind working hard and trading time for money initially, but it had to have leverage and be scale-able so that, over time, I could literally develop residual income.

* It had to be something I was passionate about.

* Non-Negotiable : If it was a project that did more than make money, if it impacted lives and made a difference, I’d be ecstatic!

Right, not much hey?

What criteria do you have and what questions are you asking right now? The interesting thing is, the answers we receive are usually directly proportional to the questions we ask. Ask Great Questions!

Michele and I set these criteria and prayed and believed that the right door would open and then we rested and trusted the process.

I’ve got to tell you, I’m not sure about this but I reckon God has got an incredible sense of humour.

Here’s the thing, probably the business model that offended me the most and really didn’t interest me because of all my preconceived ideas and notions about it, was Network (Word of mouth) Marketing and guess what GIFT got delivered to the door of our lives back in May of 2007, yip, a NM business whose products and life changing stories compelled us to take a deeper look and ultimately join.

Remember that list, those questions we were asking? Well, TICK!

The Profession, Network Marketing, is now turning over more than $180 Billion ( that’s Billion with a “B”) dollars annually, more than the music and movie Industry combined.

The Company, Mannatech, is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and has been operating for over 20 years and is currently in 25 countries. The exciting thing for you and I is this, they are adopting an aggressive Marketing expansion and will be open in a 100 countries in the next few years.

Why is that important? Right now we all have the incredible opportunity to build a Global business from the comfort of our homes, coffee shops or cars ( I prefer coffee shops) simply by opening our mouths and sharing our life changing stories.

O yes, the breakthrough, disruptive, technology/ products?

A class of nutrients that Mannatech pioneered and patented – Glyconutrients or Glycans as they are known in Science.

Mannatech has over a 100 Patents ( 115 at the date of writing this blog), has spent over $50million dollars on scientific Research and Development ( they actually DO have their very own Science labs), submits their products to the highest purity studies ( 3rd party) and even has double blind placebo trials.

Now, I’m not sure if that’s important to you, but as someone who has used the products monthly for 8 years and shared it with his family and friends, it is VITAL for me!

My mentor, John Maxwell, says Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership and so let me just say this.

Your success is ultimately about YOU! You are the CEO of your own life and choices but along with this, WHO you join and WHO you choose as your mentors can radically impact your success or lack thereof.

Our team, our mentors, are flown around the Globe to teach and train the System that has lead to such phenomenal growth here in South Africa.

So, probably the most pressing question you have right now is “How much does this cost and How much can I make?” – great questions:)

Because I’ve got a little Irish in me I’m going to throw a question back at you.

How much would you pay for a part / full time business that allows you to build a global team from the comfort of your home using life changing products?

No big sales pitch guys, No “limited time only” offers ….

It’s really simple. Michele and I are looking for 12 friends that we can mentor and share our lives with and ensure you are placed on the Fast Track to success.

Here’s where I’m going to be totally honest with you about what you WILL need in order to mentor with us:

* Integrity

* Teachability

* Hunger…. a real Desire!

* 7-10 hours a week  part time – minimum

* $100 – $500 to purchase your start up kit (products) and at least $100 a month to purchase your products to use, sell or bless people with.

Are you ready?

Great, we know you have some questions and that’s why we look forward to connecting with you over Skype for a 30 minute intro.

Please add us on : seanwillard  and send an email to so that we can see what times we have available to chat.

Until then, Have a Life Attack!


Sean & Michele

P.S. Did we say that we are Excited? We are! Join us!!!

P.P.S. Did we mention that 90% of our product users don’t build the business? If you’re not into making extra money, travelling overseas on all expenses paid holidays and starting a business – we welcome you as a customer!

Sean Willard-23



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