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What if you could discover your life purpose and begin to live that life this year?

What if you could find out how to break through your fears and self-doubts to embrace a life that has more abundance in it than lack?

What if you could re-ignite the passion in your spiritual journey?

What if you could fall in love all over again?

Life Coach and Keynote Speaker, Sean Willard, invites you on a daring journey of ‘what if’ elimination, as he coaches you on how to simply and intentionally live, love and laugh your way to a more fulfilling existence!

If your world seems dull and uninspiring and your closest relationships lack true intimacy, if you are tired of setting goals or New Year’s resolutions that never come to pass, or if you have tried countless times to change your behaviour with no effect, then perhaps it is time to

  • have a Life Attack - discover and live into your purpose.
  • have a Love Attack - become better connected in relationship.
  • have a Laugh Attack - learn how to laugh your way to physical and emotional wellness.
  • have a Fat Attack - take full charge of your physical health!

Sean uses his passion for encouraging others, his extensive business knowledge and professional background gained from nearly 30 years as a Pharmacist, along with his training in personal development and leadership by top mentors like John C Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Les Brown and Sandy Griffin, to help others (like yourself) achieve the positive results that they are wanting in their lives.

William Barclay says that ‘there are two great days in a person's life -- the day we are born and the day we discover why.’

It’s YOUR day!

Sean is a founder member and Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach & Trainer!


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My goal is that this site can be an ongoing source of inspiration, guidance and encouragement!

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