Have a Life Attack [eBook]


Thousands of people across the globe sit in offices and homes on a daily basis and feel completely bored, frustrated and stuck. They desperately wonder why they have zero excitement for their life journey and what they could do for this to really change.

Have a Life Attack provides some simple and practical suggestions for you to use on your journey of discovering true life passion and purpose. Arising from a near-death experience, Have a Life Attack uses Sean’s twenty-year experience as a reluctant pharmacist-along with valuable lessons learned from embarking on his own Life Attack journey – to encourage you on a similar path of challenging the status quo of your work, love and laugh lives.

Have a Life Attack incorporates inspiring stories and insights from friends, professionals, and mentors who have encouraged Sean along the way. “Have I really lived, have I really loved, and have I really laughed in life?”

If your answer to this question leans in any way toward no, then this eBook is tailor-made for you.

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