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Meeting & Training with Les Brown in Florida changed my life!

Me and Les Brown- World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Author
Me and Les Brown- World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Author

Me and Les Brown- World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Author

In March 2011, I flew over to the USA to meet and train with Les Brown as part of a mentorship program I had been on for 6 months prior to that meeting.

I remember sitting many months prior to that trip sitting at my desk listening to Les share a story about how he had been sitting in an audience listening to a speaker when all of a sudden, something that speaker said, totally rocked his world.

As Les shared this story, it was as if I was now sitting in that same audience and Les was the speaker speaking into my heart from his Life Stage.

He shared this phrase and I remember feeling as if someone had punched me in the core of my stomach and I was battling to breath. In fact, I paused the recording, let my head fall forward onto my study desk and just remained still for what seemed like an eternity.

Les said these words…

“I represent the thoughts that you have rejected for yourself”!


Everything inside of me wanted to speak, wanted to inspire, wanted to move people from mere ‘existence’ to a place of authentic living but I was scared spitless.

I had every excuse under the sun, and then some!

Probably the greatest excuse of all was how much it would cost me to take the plunge and join the Mentorship program and ultimately fly over to Florida to connect with my mentors.

As if Les could hear my thoughts and was sitting next to me in my study, as I once again pressed play on the recording, he answered that excuse with another humdinger through another of his entertaining stories.

He said, “Don’t ask yourself how much this will cost you to do it. Ask rather, how much this will cost you NOT to do it”!

Game over! I was IN, no more excuses and a few months later, here I was in West Palm Beach meeting one of the nicest guys you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting.

Let me ask you something. What is one thing you really would LOVE to do but have either parked in the procrastination parking bay, or poisoned with your limited belief potion?

Here’s the good news….

It never dies, trust me, it’s always there and even the tiniest glimpse of Hope, breathes life into your latent Dream and if you remain still, you’ll feel that heartbeat and notice the kick deep in your womb – there’s LIFE waiting to come out!

My encouragement to you, wherever you are on this incredible globe, is to answer the call on your life. Follow that passion, explore your potential and live your purpose!

If you want assistance either through one on one coaching or by engaging intentionally on your Personal Growth plan by joining my Inner Circle Membership group, I look forward to working with you.

Until later,

Be your Authentic self!


Speaker, Coach, Author

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