Sean Willard, Mentor/Coach/Trainer


As a certified Coach and Behavioral Consultant, I focus on helping people get "UN-stuck" and start living a fulfilled, purpose-FULL Life!

I call myself a "mentor/coach" because my style of coaching is to Inspire, Instruct and Ignite change in my clients' lives be it Family, Finances, Faith, Fitness or just plain FREEDOM!

For transformation and growth to happen, accountability is vital!

I offer this accountability through one-on-one, Life Coaching sessions held from the comfort of your own home or office!

You may also be a part of a team at work, church or your Network and want to Join a Mastermind Group Training and journey through some Personal Growth Strategies together - I love this concept at it's extremely effective for small Groups!

After an initial "connecting" call, the journey to self growth and improved Results begins! As mentioned, I am a Certified John C Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer and as such, can now also offer the very best in Leadership  and Personal Growth programs such as "Put your Dream to the Test" and " The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" to name a few.

I am also a Certified Behavioral Consultant and help you discover your Personality style and strengths so that YOU can now live a life true to your Potential!

As a Pharmacist by Occupation with over 25 years of Professional service, let me assure you that I conduct all of my Life Coaching sessions with the highest of confidentiality and offer free e-mail support to everyone that I mentor/coach.

To sign up for your own Life, Love and Laugh Attack Challenge and journey, simply contact me on to set a date for your free, introductory Skype call.

You can also subscribe to a my free weekly P.I.L.L , “Positive Inspirational Life Lines”, and follow me on my blog page to get the momentum of your Life, Love and Laugh Attack journey rolling.

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Testimonials ::

(The names of the clients have been altered for confidentiality....)

"When you meet Sean, you can't help but think that he must be absolutely in alignment with his life purpose. He is one of the most amazing motivational speakers I have seen (and believe me... I have seen many!)

He speaks from his heart, and has so much wisdom to share. He often has me rolling with laughter and then seriously in thought. In our coaching sessions he has inspired me, helped me believe in myself again, and allowed me to dream, kept me accountable, supported and advised me. Helping me on my journey to living life to the full, in a fit and healthy body. I feel absolutely honoured to call him my friend! 

Julia (Somerset West)


"Well, where do you start when there is so much to say? I can write a book on what you’ve meant to me on my journey! But, I have learnt to keep it simple, so to sum up this larger than life persona called Sean Willard:

~ A Friend that knows your need before you even ask, blessed with a wonderful gift of spot-on intuition (those wonderful pictures you always have)

~ A Coach from whom you can expect to hear the truth-not something to impress you or sugar-coat your reality!,

~ An Author who is going to make a huge impact on life out there.  Self-help brought across in a simple way that anyone can understand AND apply.

Thank you for living life in such a selfless way  and being such an inspiration to everyone who’s life you touch!

Jasmien from Pretoria


"Sean has distinguished himself as a "GO GIVER", . As a great coach, Sean is someone who speaks the truth in love.

 He has added value to my life and challenged me to go to heights that I only emotionally envisioned for myself . He is an excellent coach, speaker, a communicator, a trainer and  an equipper of other people. 

I am excited to journey together with him all the way to the finish! As Sean always says - Hooah!!!!

Jay & Donna (Durbanville)