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O Bokke, big doors can swing on small hinges…

“O Bokke”!!

Let me start with giving credit where credit is due.

The Kiwis, their coaches and their entire support team who ensure all their structures are in place, need to be congratulated on their performances of late and more especially, the total demolishing of the Bokke on Saturday.

Let me also say, I’ve never played for the Bokke and as such, my opinions are just that, MY opinions.

In this last game, there were a few ‘small’ hinges like a charge down, a fumbled pass, a 50/50 up and under not retrieved that allowed a big door to be opened.

Now, make no mistake, it takes a world class team like the All Blacks to exploit and take advantage of those small hinges and open that door, and they did it with finesse and ease.

But that’s this game… what game are we really playing?

The EGO game!

A few years ago a young man, playing at centre for the Kiwi’s, started a trend which has become a common feature of this team. It’s so popular that many refer to it as the “Sony Bill” when players offload in a tackle after having taken the gap or fended off a tackler or two.

I don’t know what Sony Bill’s stats are but often times he allowed the players next to him to be the ones who actually scored the tries and received the honours, rather than continue to hold onto the ball in hope that he may have been the hero.

First it was Sony Bill, then Kieran Read and now 99% of the Kiwi team have chosen to make the player next to them look better than themselves and in so doing, allow the Team to win.

So what’s my point?

Yes, it would be wonderful if the Bokke had the same attitude, skill and focus and rather than trying to run OVER players, die with the ball and, for the most part, lose possession, it would be great to see them playing as a TEAM.

However, my real point is this….

That Sony Bill pass, epitomises the spirit of what is right in the Kiwi team and sadly, what is lacking in ours.

From our top Brass down, choices are made by the ‘players’ [ Administrators] to think only of themselves rather than the Team who wait in vain for the ball to be passed to them.

What’s causing this? One word – EGO

EGO is when you’re so hell-bent on making yourself look good you forget about those around you and try bash through walls and progress further than you should or are able to, and when you fall and fail, you hold onto the ball rather than pass it onto someone in a better position than yourself in fear that they may score the try and achieve the Goal.

Consciously I believe you want the team to win, but  deep down you also want to be the hero that scores the tries and receives the honour!

Here’s the thing….

Right now Allister & Co, you’re achieving this mission of falling short of the line and in so doing, you’re actually achieving YOUR goal!

I know, I know, you say that you want the Team to win but let’s remember….

People do what People see…. and that means your Team will mirror what they see you are doing mate!

They see that you are not passing the ball to someone in a better position than yourself …

They see you are selfishly holding onto your coaching support staff/players/ tactics and a system that will always cause you to fall short of the line and score the try and guess what, they follow your lead!

It’s time….

Put your Pride in your pocket sir, pass the ball (reach out to experienced Coaches and management and listen) and then, make the Bokke and your coaching support Team, look good around you.


Chances are you’ll find a few more excuses but the moment YOU take 100% responsibility for the state of our SA rugga team, is the moment your Team will stand up and do the same.

The ball is in your court…well, maybe not your court per se’, but you get my point!


A Rugga Bugger

Sean Willard

Speaker, Coach, Author

P.S. What I have been privileged to do, is hang with and be mentored by true leaders and over the last 26 years as a Pharmacist, entrepreneur and Coach, I’ve noticed a couple of commonalities amongst the best, they surround themselves with the BEST support teams!

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