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Are you really enjoying the Dance?

I enjoyed this clip, not because I know the author or because everything he says resonates with my heart, but rather because the overriding theme speaks to what I believe is a message I carry in my heart daily and that is….

The whole point of dancing IS the dance!

If you’re running around trying desperately to achieve and you’re neglecting the moments and nuances that make up the dance of life, maybe you’re missing the point.

You are NOT going to arrive at some point down the road having damaged and neglected relationships along the way, having missed special smiles and tears, having exhausted and stressed yourself out and now, all of a sudden,  think that somehow it’s all going to be ‘Ok’, that happiness will be found behind that distant door.

Happiness, the enjoyment of life, is found behind the door of your heart, not your accomplishments!

I do believe that I’m living with Purpose but this Purpose, is being lived in every second of every day and does not need to be delayed or ‘wished’ for, but rather, it needs to be enjoyed now.

Maybe the fact that my faith allows me to enjoy the dance with my Father wherever, whenever, really helps!

If you’re chasing shadows, delaying the enjoyment of your Life Dance, may I suggest you kick off those formal looking shoes and get down and boogie!


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Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey from David Lindberg on Vimeo.

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