I would love to speak at your next event! Below I outline a couple of topics but first let’s chat to discuss your specific requirements. Although I cannot guarantee that I will be available on the exact date you require a Speaker, I will do my utmost to fit you in!

I started speaking , coaching and training individuals and groups over a decade ago and have been blessed to mentor with probably the top Motivational Speaker in the world, Les Brown as well as the number leadership guru in the world, John C Maxwell.

My message is all about Shifting your Thinking and in turn, Shifting your Results!

Have you ever felt stuck? Perhaps your Team is not achieving their fullest potential?

I’m not interested in entertaining you and/or your team for 45 minutes and leaving you feeling inspired today and deflated tomorrow!

If you’re serious about long term impact and results that last, let’s connect to ensure my talk is linked to ongoing personal and professional growth and development to ensure we navigate the course and grow through your goals.

“After experiencing Sean Willard, with his enthusiasm and knowledge, one hangs onto his every word and leaves wanting more of what he has to say. Sean is a dynamic speaker who genuinely wants people to live their life’s purpose – and teaches them how –  and his passion comes through in his presentations. I would recommend Sean to any business or organisation wanting to jump-start their employees to want to be their best and enjoy their life.”

Sandy Griffin, National Speakers Association President, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Sean’s Bio:
Sean is the author of the books, “Have a Life Attack” as well as “Your Weekly PILL’. He is a certified John C Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer and after 20 years as a full time Pharmacist he sold up to start living his purpose as an Inspirational Speaker.

A near death experience in 2008 propelled Sean to have a Life Attack and help others to start living the life of their Dreams through Speaking and Coaching. Sean has mentored with top mentors and Speakers such as Les Brown and also the #1 Leadership Guru in the world, John Maxwell, and is privileged to a part of his Founders Circle.

Sample Topics:

  • 3 Keys to Living your Purpose
  • Shift Happens!
  • Sales from the Inside Out!


  • 45-60 minute Keynote
  • Half Day Seminar/ Facilitation

Ideal Audience:
I specialize in working with individuals and businesses who understand the need to invest in their Leadership skills, Personal Growth and Development.


“The words “Carpe Diem” or “Sieze the Day” come to mind when I think of Sean Willard’s zeal for life. He lives out his dreams every day and has a sincere desire to help others do the same. After attending one of Sean’s talks or Coaching sessions, you find yourself wanting to run-out-there-and-change-the-world! This man is a born motivator and speaker, You either ‘have it’ or you don’t. He has ‘it.’ He is a man of action and you absorb this enthusiasm and energy in his lectures as though through osmosis! A humorous man, Sean uses laughter and amusing stories to take the sting out of life’s problems.He equips you to change your circumstances and gives you hope. You start to believe that what felt impossible before is now possible. Sean’s workshops appeal to all ages and both genders and you are guaranteed to look at life differently from then on!” — C Collett, South Africa

“Honest. Passionate. Engaging. The first time I heard Sean speak, I was blown away. His personal story of the day that turned his life around is inspiring. I highly recommend Sean as a catalyst for change within your life or within the life of your organisation.” — Heather Calma, Speaker, Trainer and Coach, The John Maxwell Team

“Sean is a high-powered concentration of joyous energy, totally positive about life and business; he abounds with infectious humour, and displays incredible integrity in all he does. Your life will simply not be the same again once you’ve met (let alone worked with!) Sean.” — Vincent Bass, Perth, Australia


Awesome! David

Inspiring! Energising! Roger

Your Energy and Joyful Style did it for me! Cobus

Thx for an Inspirational Talk! Dave

Thanks for the Energetic, Inspirational and Motivating Talk! Julian

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 Thanks Sean, I want to step forward into Growth! Tony

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Thanx Sean for your Energetic Motivation! Derek


Click HERE to book me for your next event. I look forward to adding value you and your Team! It’s time to be Inspired and have a Life Attack!


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