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The tail is wagging the dog!

“Tell me who, who’s wagging who, am I wagging you or are you wagging me” ?


My mom used to comfort me when I was watching a scary movie with a little… ” Don’t worry Sean, it’s just a movie, they are all actually nice people in real life”.


I woke up this morning and realized that it’s not a Movie, it’s real and some people are really not being nice anymore.


The current state of affairs across the Globe, from the USA elections to the state of our own nation, could make for an incredible Soapie.  You know, those programs people watch everyday and laugh, cry and shout at and then do it again 365 times a year.


We need leaders who will influence people in a positive direction.


The tail seems to be wagging the dog and that makes for one Angry pooch! 🙂


I’ll wag my tail and add value where I can in my small way.
Will you join me and wag yours?
Sean Willard

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