Sandy Griffin ~ Tennessee, USA.

"After experiencing Sean Willard, with his enthusiasm and knowledge, one hangs onto his every word and leaves wanting more of what he has to say. Sean is a dynamic speaker who genuinely wants people to live their life’s purpose – and teaches them how – and his passion comes through in his presentations. I would recommend Sean to any business or organisation wanting to jump-start their employees to want to be their best and enjoy their life.

Sandy Griffin
National Speakers Association President
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Elvire Theron ~ Namibia

"I needed somebody that could take me to a whole new world as I have a constant need to grow. When I met Sean my life began to explode! The energy and drive that Sean has is absolutely contagious. Every time I put the phone down I could not sleep on my dreams because the momentum he brings is incredible! How I approach my dreams, greet others, my daily responses, my thinking…. changed. The excitement of life itself became alive in me. My words became more powerful which has a tremendous impact on my actions. I became contagious!

Sean is the type of person you need next to you in every dimension of your life. He has the capacity to take you further than you have ever being. He has a lot of experience in life and his principles are not knowledge it is indeed his life style…a man of character!

I would fly any day with Sean Willard cause he will take me to place I have only dreamed about!
If you are thinking about getting on board with him…DON ‘T THINK TWICE!!! I can assure you, transformation is coming your way.

Elvire Theron
Coach & Speaker
EL-Shaddai Motivational Consultancy - Namibia

Vincent Bass ~ Perth, Australia

"Sean is a high-powered concentration of joyous energy, totally positive about life and business; he abounds with infectious humour, and displays incredible integrity in all he does. Your life will simply not be the same again once you've met (let alone worked with!) Sean.

Shaun Ranwell ~ East London

"I have never met anyone with more energy and enthusiasm for life. Sean has an uncommon ability to inspire and motivate, tackling every opportunity he comes across with every ounce of his being. There is no doubt in my mind he will achieve whatever he truly sets his mind to.

Dave Willard ~ Cape Town, SA

"As a personal coach, Sean sets the bar very high indeed. His energy levels compare with the results of an atom-splitting experience - his enthusiasm and staying power compares to world class entertainers and motivational speakers - and his commitment is second to none! Don't use his services unless you want to make serious progress in your life. He believes in himself and others and he lives his beliefs!

Norman Parker ~ Cape Town, SA

"Sean is a real optimist who mobilizes others to discover their life purpose and take appropriate decisions to live out their purpose in everyday life.

C Collett ~ South Africa

"The words "Carpe Diem" or "Sieze the Day" come to mind when I think of Sean Willard's zeal for life. He lives out his dreams every day and has a sincere desire to help others do the same. After attending one of Sean's talks or Coaching sessions, you find yourself wanting to run-out-there-and-change-the-world! This man is a born motivator and speaker, You either 'have it' or you don't. He has 'it.' He is a man of action and you absorb this enthusiasm and energy in his lectures as though through osmosis! A humorous man, Sean uses laughter and amusing stories to take the sting out of life's problems.He equips you to change your circumstances and gives you hope. You start to believe that what felt impossible before is now possible. Sean's workshops appeal to all ages and both genders and you are guaranteed to look at life differently from then on!