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The road may be windy – but it’s worth it!



Have you ever felt like you just never seem to ‘get there’?

You know what I mean, like you’re always on the journey but never reaching the destination!

So what if…..

What if, the whole, flipping, entire windy road and journey IS the most incredible destination??

As weird as this may sound, each part of our current LIFE trip, each bump, each crash, each twist and turn, it’s ALL a part of the destination.

I know, I know, when we classically think of a ‘destination’ we think that’s the place we arrive, set up camp and stop moving, at least for a while!

For me, the destination is the pause, the stare, the intentional look , the beautiful sounds and a deep breath of Life filling my lungs!

It’s resting and being at peace while still moving along the windy road that calls and compels me to be authentically me in a world that wants to mould me into ‘sameness’.

Destination ==> Destined for Inspiration!

If you’ve been rushing around frantically – please, please STOP. Get out of your LIFE car for a few minutes and absorb the beauty and wonder of the creation.

Smile, dance a little and even sing a spontaneous song from your heart but whatever you do, don’t SETTLE for mediocrity. Don’t miss the story because you’re so busy trying to finish the book!

Don’t do AVERAGE!

You were not born for average and when you’re out trying to be everyone else, you’re doing AVERAGE!

Be YOU and you’ll be EXCELLENT!

Night all!

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