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The sign I see on people’s forehead may surprise you!

It’s that little muscle called a Tongue, and boy can it cause major Destruction!

But hey, it can also cause incredible Blessing to come flooding in over your life.

You get to choose!

But what if…….what if we learnt to really listen, pause and only then engage and in so doing, choose to use this weapon for blessing, and not destruction!

I learnt a valuable lesson this week – become Interested more than Interesting as you communicate with people!

So often in conversation we cannot wait to get our point of view across and many times, we open mouth and insert foot before really THINKING.

As the person is talking, we are formulating our response without really listening to what they’re trying to communicate.

Sometimes we don’t even wait for them to complete the sentence before we launch in with “I know, and you should really ….blah blah blah”!

I heard of a story some time back, where they did a little “experiment” about the power of showing interest in conversation.

On an one hour flight, an older, wiser gentleman met a younger, more talkative man and proceeded to ask questions and let the young man talk. At the end of the journey, they said goodbye and parted company.

The young man who had done most of the talking was later asked how he enjoyed the flight and also, what he thought of his new friend he had made on the journey.

He couldn’t speak highly enough of the older gentleman and what a fine chap he was!

When asked what his name was or what he did for a living – the young man had no cooking clue!!!

The fact that the older, wiser man had taken the time to just become Interested in the young man by asking questions and listening to his response, had been sufficient to build huge report.

Take the time today to really become Interested in the people around you- PAUSE in conversation and let people complete their sentences then ask them empowering questions that help them to move ahead.

Choose your words wisely and look to build up rather than break down people. By listening and pausing, you are opening yourself up to consider the best response in the moment.

The world is not looking for your clever opinion, they are looking for your attentive ear!

My challenge to myself, is to imagine that there is a sign on the forehead of the person who is speaking to me that says ………….

                                                “Please be Interested before you are Interesting”

Have a fab day and remember, play the music loud 🙂


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