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Why can’t I just do it? I want to, but……

Following on from  My Previous Blog Post  where I shared about building a passive income stream part time, I thought I’d continue the story ……

Why do all those people who ‘want to make more money/ Lose the FAT/ write that book’ just not do it?

What’s actually holding them back from jumping in boots ‘n all and making a success of their venture?

Could it be that most people actually don’t believe that they are able to do it?

I think so….

As I coach my clients, the one area that keeps coming up is a lack of self belief!

We never out perform our self belief!

If you believed you’d be successful, why wouldn’t you go for it?

You would!

It’s kind of like saying that if you practice kicking the ball every day then one day you are going to successfully kick it over the posts and when you do, you will be paid monthly to keep doing that.

Would you at least try? Would you be willing to fail your way to success and then get paid to repeat it daily?

Would you be willing to look silly and even be laughed at a few times as you set out on that journey because you’ve never kicked a ball in your life and it’s a totally new skill for you to learn?

Here’s the thing…

If you truly believed that it was possible for you to learn the skill and no matter how long it took, how many people said you couldn’t do it, how many laughs you heard or ‘O Shame’s’ were uttered .. You’d keep on practicing, keep on kicking until the day arrived and the ball sailed between the posts….

If you truly believed you COULD do it, you’d do it!

I mean, it’s a no brainer really.

Practice , persevere , face the persecution and persist until one day, you get paid!! 🙂

The catch?

Finding a Coach, a Mentor, who not only can teach you the basic skills required to kick the ball, but more importantly, a Coach who instills belief in you when you totally lack that belief in yourself.


When you’re ready to kick the ball, I played fly-half at school! 🙂

O, did I tell you that kicking was the only thing I could do? I was useless at tackling and as slow as a tortoise but hey….

You aren’t wanting me to mentor you to tackle and run are you? You are looking to learn to ‘kick the ball’! (Sigh)

Trust this little story has inspired you to stop ‘getting ready to get ready‘ and actually take action!

Your friend,

Sean Willard

Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer 

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