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3 Steps to Winning from the Inside Out

Ever felt totally overwhelmed?! You know you need to up your game, but how?

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and even hopeless, let me share 3 steps that I use myself and also help my Coaching clients with to turn their situation around from hopelessness to ‘hopeFULness’.

Step 1:

Learn to press the Internal Pause button

Often the entire situation we find ourselves in is so overwhelming that we start panicking and as a result, it consumes our head space so that we cannot ‘think clearly’.

If you’ve ever been under immense pressure to hit a deadline at work, prepare for an important exam or find an additional source of income due to sudden, unexpected expenses, you know how it feels to try and function and think clearly during that season.

I want you to press the Internal “Anxiety/Stress/Fear” button and make an agreement that you’ll address the issue in 48 hours time but until then, you’re believing for breakthrough.

The strange thing is, by pressing the pause button, you not only free up your head space to think more clearly, but you also open space in your heart and life for answers to arrive at your ‘front door’.

Try it!

Step 2:

Fall in Love with Possibility

As kids we were extremely optimistic, always believing for the best and expecting it!

We imagined and dreamed Great dreams until a day came when we had to ‘grow up’, get our head out the clouds and start being reasonable.


Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress…..”


If you want to win, really win, it starts with imagining. It starts with getting a clear picture of who you are and what you want to achieve in life.

Get back in the sandpit and DREAM again!

I love the smell of possibility, don’t you?


Step 3:

Understand that everything is created twice

Yes, as weird as that sounds, it’s true.

The pen you’re holding, the phone or computer you’re looking at, they were all just once a thought, an idea in someone’s mind and now, they are a ‘thing’, a reality.


First a thought, then a physical manifestation of that thought.

Today, as you read this blog, you have a choice to allow circumstances and conditions to dictate to you or you can draw a line in the sand and decide to press that pause button, imagine the best and create your day.

Does this mean you’ll have a ‘perfect’ day with no mistakes, errors or issues?

Well, I could wax lyrical about this and perhaps in a future blog I’ll share more on how we need to change our lens through which we judge ‘perfect’, but for now let me say that the more we practice creating our day, the less we will live the day by default and the more wonderful the results will be that we have designed.

Are you ready to Win from the Inside out?

Winning from the outside in is a little like faking it until you make it, except that the cracks keep getting wider and wider so my suggestion is this – start living from the inside out.

My own walk of faith allows me to enjoy my mistakes, my falls and my failures, all while learning to do it better and overcoming my fears simply by ‘doing it afraid’.

Enjoy your journey and keep me posted on your progress.



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