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Face it- you’re FAT!


Have you ever just ‘had enough‘?

Maybe you stepped into that cubicle to try on that beautiful new shirt or top and you thought you were sharing the space with someone else…. It couldn’t be you?!!

Maybe it’s the new Fat roll under your neck or around your belly that’s just appeared on the scene and it’s now one too many!

Maybe it’s the bout of reflux , bloatedness or breathlessness you’re experiencing all too often these days?

Hi, my name’s Sean and I’m your friend!:)

As a certified John Maxwell Life Coach, I’ve helped many people set and achieve their Goals, be it personal growth, career or financial goals but the one particular area that I’ve always been passionate about is Health & Wellness!

In the late 80’s I qualified as a Pharmacist and ultimately owned my own Pharmacy before selling up and becoming a Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Author of the book “Have a Life Attack”.

I’ve seen them all….

I share this with you because I’ve probably seen the majority of all the ‘Diets’,  ‘Weight Loss Products’ and ‘miracle’  Slimming formulas launched over the last 30 years!

Personally, I’ve never really worried about having to lose any weight, not because I didn’t need to, but more because I just ignored the evidence – it was much easier that way! Ignorance is bliss, right?:)

Recently, that all changed and I had to own up to the fact that I was FAT!

Maybe you can identify….

Your clothes are tight, you’re out of breath, your body is starting to ache and pain and your friends and family are giving you ‘the look’ that it’s time to start DOING something about it and stop just TALKING about it!

Maybe you’ve ‘had enough’ just like me?!

Maybe you’ve tried every flipping formula and ‘new and improved miracle weight loss drug, pill, potion and powder’ on the market and they left you worse off after using them than before?
Maybe you’ve never even completed the first few weeks on the ‘diet’ and in fact, there are a few ‘never been opened’ bottles still staring at you from your pantry?!

Well, the good news is that you’re not alone!

Right, let’s get Real!

For things to change, You’ve got to change!

I actually have no problem with change personally, I’m just the type of person who needs to have someone tell me what to go and do and then kick me off in the right direction.

So, if that’s you and you’re lost in the wilderness of pills, potions and powders without a cooking clue what to use and how to achieve the goals you want to hit- then maybe I can help!

23cm of FAT and 17kg’s lighter…

I lost 23cm of FAT and 17kg’s over a 90 day FAT attack blitz …. But the way I feel on the inside is equally as important to me as my outer accomplishments.

It’s as if the LOSS on the outside has been balanced by a GAIN on the inside!

FAT loss = Confidence Gain

Ok, let me brutally honest here, you’ve got to be ready, at 12 ‘o clock as it were, because if you’re still  ‘thinking about it’ like so many are, let me suggest you rather call me in 6 months time when you’re actually sick & tired of having to kick start the rocking chair:)

It’s time!

All you need is the Right You , the Right products and the Right Coach.

I can provide you with 2 of those elements but the 3rd is all about YOU!

As a Life Coach with 30 years of experience in the Health Industry, I’ll not only be helping you choose the right products, but more importantly, help you perfect the right mindset for the journey.

Accountability is Key to achieving YOUR GOALS! I’ll be ensuring you stay on track along the journey.

One of my friends is currently 49,5cm’s down after just 8 weeks.

If you’re looking for individual coaching, I can assist but here’s what I’m going to suggest.
Find a friend, or 2 or 6 or 10!!!
Let’s have fun and help a whole bunch of your friends achieve their Goals together!

The NEW YOU starts NOW! If you just cannot wait to check out the products my wife used and then got me swallowing with great results, click HERE, choose your country and then explore the range.

Every country has a different range but we’ve used Osolean and Glycoslim. Some only have the Osolean and others, like the USA now have the wonderful TruHealth FAT loss system that’s off the charts amazing!

Skype me for a 5 minute intro with details.

Skype me: seanwillard
Email me

P.S. If you’re not serious, don’t apply. I don’t do Average! 🙂

Sean Willard
Pharmacist, Speaker, Coach

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