Your Pharmacist recommends-Your Weekly PILL [eBook]

My latest eBook, Your Weekly PILL, is a compilation of 52 of my original quotes or as my favourite brother Dave says, ‘Willard’s Words of Wisdom’! 🙂

P.S. The Rx on the cover was my silly attempt to mimic a prescription and basically means, Take Thou. 🙂

As a Pharmacist by occupation for over 25 years, I was amazed at how few people actually ever remembered to take their medicine as directed and, as a result, never felt any better.

Newer, more innovative companies, brought out once weekly dosage forms for certain medications to make it more convenient for patients so that they would hopefully remember to take their doses weekly.

I’m a Coach who focuses on helping people who are in a cycle of change in their life, transition through that change.

As a certified John C Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer, I have often encouraged my clients or audiences to engage on a Personal Growth journey and shared with them that consistency is key to their ongoing success and the achievement of the results they desire.

The problem is, that ‘daily dose’  is often just too much for them and what starts out with such Vooma, ends up losing steam after just a few weeks.

Enter …Your Weekly PILL!

I have hundreds of original quotes and I’ve compiled 52 great ones into an eBook that allows you to really engage, chew and digest the quote ( Positive Inspirational Life Line – PILL). These 52 Life Lines will encourage you to change your perspective and your Life results!

I trust that you’ll remember to take your Dose weekly and here’s a tip – set a reminder on your smartphone right NOW!

Great, now click on the button below and let’s get you going- your first dose awaits for just $7!

P.S. For less than a burger and fries, you can enjoy weekly inspirational quotes for a year. The former grows your waistline while the latter grows your bottom line – you choose!

Sean Willard

The Life Attack Guy