Ready to live an Inspired Life? Here’s 52 Weeks of Motivational messages for you…

Shift happens… it’s time to Step Up! In 2005 a quote from a book hit me square between the eyes and from that moment on, I was a personal growth junky!

“The most important two days in a person’s life are the day they are born and the day they discover why….” The SHIFT happened.

In 2008, I sold my Pharmacy after 20 years of counting pills and set off on a journey, but boy could I have done with someone to start me off and mentor me along this trail right up front – it would have made life so much easier and saved me many dollars! Were there mentors? I’m sure there were but I just couldn’t find someone when I started out who encompassed all I wanted to be, do and have – to show me the way and inspire me to keep going when it got tough – and man it really did get tough!

10 years and many, many dollars later, I’ve been blessed to do a lot of the things I’d hoped to do and am excited to continue on this incredible path but more specifically, I’m amped to help others as they choose to venture on their own Life Shift towards living and leaving a Legacy. Along the journey I did find some incredible mentors – men and women such as Paul Martinelli, Les Brown and an absolute highlight, John C Maxwell.

Becoming a founder circle Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer in 2011 in Florida was beyond special. I’ve written a couple of books, spoken on stages, coached and mentored hundreds of incredible people, been on radio and inspired many to engage on their own personal growth adventures.

I’ve done the 10 000 hours, failed lots and made more mistakes than I’d care to admit but I am grateful – now I can use my story to help others. What’s the one thing you’re working on right now? Are you thinking about writing a book? How about becoming a better Speaker or maybe a Life Coach?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own successful part time business to complement what you’re doing currently? I wanted to do all of these and more but I wasn’t sure where to start and needed the Inspiration to get going!

Maybe for you it’s that half marathon, starting a family or finding the right partner… it really doesn’t matter what your Goal is – what matters most is that you get going and keep going!